Why Associates?

The church makes striving for perfection and sharing in the missionary activity of the Church a fundamental need for all Christians. Religious institutes have particular charism and spirits as mapped out by their founder or foundress. This is nothing but a particular and practical way of living out the gospel values. For IHMMC Institute, this charism is Compassion through the Spirit of humility. Religious institutes have core members who are bound by vows of chastity, poverty and obedience, requiring these members to live in community and sharing everything in common as the early Christians did ( Acts: 4:32-37.)

The Church however  have encouraged religious institutes to have members  who live out their particular charism and spirit while still living their personal life style in the society at large.

Different institutes give this different names including: members of Third Order, companions, friends, Consociates,  and mostly “Associates members”.

Who are IHMMC Associates?

Associates of IHMMC are men and women who while still living their particular life style, respond to a call from God to live out their Christian commitment by sharing in the life of prayer, mission, and Charism of the sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ.

Associate here does not mean “business associate”

We meet monthly for faith sharing, praying with and for each other, fellowship and celebration.

AIMS and OBJECTIVES: To invite members to share our Spirit of Humility in service of others and our Charism of Compassion especially for the less privilege, starting from your family, community and places of work

As associates we strive to continual spiritual growth, responding to Christ’s call to a deeper commitment to Him as the spirit directs

To develop a deeper devotion to and love for Mary Mother of God and our Mother whose main aim is to lead us to Jesus. Hence our Motto:  “All for Jesus through Mary” – AD JESU PER MARIAM

Make Mary’s virtue our own: purity, humility, self-effacement and availability

You will have an opportunity to offer your prayers, time, talent and donations for the projects of the institute as per your capacity and good will.

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